The intrepid travelers of today want to explore and learn about the cultures and landscapes of the countries that they visit. They want challenging exercise and an opportunity to get away from the crowd. There is no better way to see an unknown land that to hike the mountains, walk the shores, and interact with the people, but how to safely accomplish this, especially in rugged terrain?

An artfully contrived interpretive trail can turn a stroll into an adventure. The hidden secrets of nature are revealed, the ancient tree, the distant vista, the daily life of the village.

Coco Key in the Bahamas was a pristine island regularly visited by cruise ships. The native scrub was beautiful, but too thick for the casual tourist to penetrate, and the rocky shoreline was too rugged for bare feet, so the guests just sat on the beach with nothing to do.

Now, a two mile long interpretive loop trail takes the adventurous guest to the wild west end of the island and back. Along the way the trail visits thousand year old lignum vitae trees, rock formations, caves, hidden beaches, and pirate ruins. Along the north coast the beautiful windswept bonsai forest is now accessible. "Cool spots" with comfortable seating will soon be developed along the way. Unobtrusive information will enable the guest to learn all about the history, geology, and vegetation of the island. At the far end a funky thatched bar will offer fresh coconuts and cold drinks.

Let me help your guests to see and understand the inherent beauty and ecological complexity of your resort property.

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The Bahamas

This hidden beach, and many of the other beautiful natural features of this pristine island, will soon be accessible to tourists by means of a two mile long interpretive nature trail. There’s a cold drink waiting for you at the end!

Coco Cay, Berry Islands >

The Bahamas

The secrets of nature are revealed to those who choose the road less traveled.

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A well designed trial should be intuitively easy to follow without unnecessary signs. It should visit the most beautiful natural features of the landscape. Most importantly, it should challenge the visitor. Just say no to handrails!

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A new fifteen mile long trail system enables eco-tourists at access what would otherwise be impenetrable jungle in the Manatee river wilderness.

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Jaguar tracks! A well designed trail system is the best possible way to observe wildlife.

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The trail leads on...