I consider myself to be a professional naturalist who makes his living as an environmental artist and landscape designer. The landscapes that I create are expressions of my appreciation and understanding of the natural world, and are intended to integrate the wild beauty of nature into the built environment.

My home and studio are located in deep forest near Gainesville, Florida. I have chosen this location because I travel frequently to projects all over the world, and prefer have my design studio located in a quiet rural location where I can be inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, yet take advantage of the University of Florida, its extensive library, and the international community of artists and scientists that live here.

I have been self employed as an environmental designer since the early seventies, and have worked and traveled all over the world. Please refer to my Gallery of selected projects, or Projects by type, for examples of my various projects around the globe.

My interests are varied and many, including architecture, art, literature, ecology, botany, geology, herpetology and speleology. My personal heros were the Renaissance thinkers who sought to encompass all knowledge, and the Victorian era explorer scientists such as Humbolt and Wallace who combined wild adventure with the quest to understand the intricacies of life.

Much of my life has been spent on expedition far afield in the wilderness; attempting, as I sometimes put it "to be the last wild man to see the last wild place". My explorations have taken me to many remote tropical wilderness areas. These experiences have served to broaden my understanding of the landforms, ecosystems, and diverse cultures of the world, all of which I try to incorporate into my work. Please refer to the “Wilderness exploration and conservation activities” page of this website to learn more about my many adventures.

When not at work or traveling, I devote much of my spare time to many pleasant diversions such as  fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, and caving. After all, life is short!.

Bruce Morgan on a mountaintop in the Ecuadorean Andes.