The cutting edge of urban landscape design is the creation of artificial ecosystems complete with floral and faunal components.

The surreal design of the Cloudforest Aviary at the Southbeach Marriott in Miami features state of the art environmental control systems, massive sculptural stonework, ancient gnarled treetrunks, and a lush rainforest landscape with rare orchids and other epiphytes. Visitors are free to interact with living animals such as birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. The hotel guest steps directly from the lobby into a world of water, color, and vibrant life.

< Southbeach Marriott Cloudforest Aviary,

Miami Beach, FL.

The timeless beauty of falling water is the aesthetic focus of the Cloudforest Aviary. Massive cantilevered stones control the flow. The pool features a low maintenance bio-filtration system with koi and other fish. Multicolored finches and doves fill the air.

Southbeach Marriott Cloudforest Aviary >

Miami Beach, FL.

This surreal work of environmental art features an unprecedented degree of visual and ecological complexity. This complexity will greatly increase as the ecosystem matures. Even now it would take hours for a guest to discover all the hidden crevices, and the life that lies within.

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Marriott Southbeach,

Miami, FL.

The Red Eyed Tree Frog, Agalychnis callidryas, a rainforest jewel, uses it’s bright colors to startle potential predators. In the Aviary it eats tiny crickets. Those crickets that escape the birds and frogs contribute their beautiful songs to the night sounds in the Aviary, just like in the real jungle.

Cloudforest Aviary >

Marriott Southbeach

Miami, FL.

The Giant Day Gecko, Phelsuma Grandis, darts about the foliage in search of fruit and small insects. It thrives on a diet of apricot baby food in captivity, and keeps the aviary plants free of pests. In bright sunlight the little monster’s colors glow with an iridescent sheen.

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Florida International University,
Miami, Fl.
Every Eden requires a serpent. The mahogany handrail was sculpted by prominent artist Thomas Glover W. of St. Augustine.

Edgewood Lounge >

Jacksonville, FL.

A brick patio was transformed into a simulated rainforest complete with ornamental reptiles. This was my first artificial ecosystem project, built over 25 years ago as I began my career.

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Archer, FL.

It’s all in the details. A large boulder covered in ferns and moss is cantilevered over a dark pool filled with native fish.