Visitors to tropical resorts go in search of paradise. Some seek the solitude of a hidden beach, others a distant vista. Almost all dream of an azure lagoon with palms and frangipani.

In every destination resort the location itself is the most important amenity, whether it be mountain, forest, or shore. Environmentally sensitive planning is the first essential step. Add to this a blue lagoon pool of many levels, thundering cascades, grottos, intimate spas, and lavish tropical gardens. Challenge the guests with good books, seminars, and a stiff regimen of health, activities, and exercise. Build a fire on the beach, and let them hear calypso late into the night. Give them opportunities for solitude, and opportunities to explore interpretive trails deep into forest. Let them learn about the land and people by guiding them to distant villages and peaks. If you pamper them as well, they will surely think that they have found paradise.

There is more to being all inclusive than just not having to carry money in your bikini. How can someone be swept up into the magic of the moment if their surroundings are obviously new, sterile, and artificial? This is a problem inherent in all new construction, no matter how talented the designers and craftsmen. The entire environment must be all inclusive. Verisimilitude is the key. How can they hear the jungle drums of their inner primal selves unless the magic is complete? The secret is in the details, in the tiny fern growing in the crack of an ancient boulder, in the lizard basking on a sizzling rock, in the cool trickle of a mossy brook. It is this aspect of my art that I have elevated above all others.

I am pleased to offer complete land planning, landscape design, amenity planning, and construction services for tropical resorts. My utilization of local themes, materials, and labor will insure that your new resort be built at reasonable cost, require minimal maintenance, and will celebrate a unique "sense of place" that will distinguish it from all others.

< Ocean Terrace Inn,

St. Kitts, West Indies:

On the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Kitts an old quarry was transformed into a multi-level swimming pool with an island, beach entry, swim up bar, Jacuzzi spa, seven waterfalls, and a lavish landscape. It is truly a tropical paradise, the blue lagoon of the mind's eye.

Ocean Terrace Inn >

St. Kitts, West Indies

Romance is what it’s all about. Secluded nooks, hidden grottos, stone canyons, and overhanging vegetation provide opportunities for adventure, exploration and intimacy. The pool staff might complain about frangipani blossoms covering the water, but guests surely won’t.

< Ocean Terrace Inn, St. Kitts,

West Indies

Seven different waterfalls cascade through the tropical landscape of the Ocean terrace Inn.

Ocean Terrace Inn >

St. Kitts, West Indies

Frolicking maidens are good business in the Caribbean where pleasure is a way of life. One of several waterfalls at the Ocean Terrace Inn interactive pool and gardens.

< Ocean Terrace Inn,

St. Kitts, West Indies

Nymphs and Satyrs often lurk beneath waterfalls, and within us all. Excessive hedonism and an overexposure to beauty have severely distorted this young woman’s sense of time and space.

Ocean Terrace Inn >

St. Kitts, West Indies:

There is a whirlpool spa hidden in the rock wall just behind the young lady, but who needs it with powerful cascades to sit in?

At certain times of the year Frangipani blossoms cover the waters surface. The beautiful prismatic effect is caused by the interplay of light and shadow as sunbeams pierce the canopy of overhanging trees
Marriott Hotel >

Quito, Ecuador, South America

A view of the main pool. The cold dry high altitude tropical climate of Quito requires a mixture of temperate and tropical zone plants. This difficult landscape challenge was successfully resolved with the aid of an experienced local gardener

< Marriott Hotel, Quito,

Ecuador, South America

The main falls are powerful, overhung with massive stones, and a little intimidating. If it isn’t a little bit scary, then nobody’s having any fun. Go ahead, blast your head in the torrent of heated water!

Fort Young Hotel>

Dominica, West Indies

Dominica is the most beautiful Caribbean island of all! Visitors strolling along the seafront can catch as glimpse through the hotel bar of an inviting courtyard within.

Within the courtyard they discover an intimate seating area with what appears to be a natural waterfall. In reality it is the rampart of an ancient fort which was structurally unsound and had to be replaced with an ugly retaining wall. Local materials and native plants were used to transform the ugly wall into an enduring work of environmental art. From the top of the waterfall hotel guests can gaze across the sea.
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The Bahamas

Of all the amenities that a tropical resort can offer nothing beats a cool breeze and a hammock in the dappled shade!